Iris Transparent Tablet Concept

An unknown group of designers consist of Liu-Wei, Yao Kai-Chi, Hong Ruei Hong and Chen Ya-Fang have come up with a nice design of Transparent tablet concept called Iris. The tablet is wide and large, not anything you can find in the market. There is no details of how large the screen size is, but what make it special is the transparent display.


Not only you can see through like a glass, the display is actually an OLED display where it could show you a lot of stuffs. Like what it have been suggested, this Iris transparent tablet could be used as an instant translator for books, easy scanner, GPS road maps using augmented reality technology, and many more.

Check out the following video for more details:

A similar concept like this Iris that we have seen in 2008 is this Future Encyclopedia. However, Iris is more sensible thanks to the video demo above. I don’t think it’s impossible to create a tablet like this in the next few years because our technologies are adequate to manufacture things like this.

[via YankoDesign]

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