playGO USB Let You Play Music From Computers To Any Audio Devices

If you trying to play songs from your computer or Mac on devices not supported by your PC, like a home stereo theater system for example, then you’ll need this playGo USB to help you out.


playGo USB is a two-part device coming with the receiver and transmitter. The transmitter is for the PC or Mac and the other one (receiver) is for your audio devices.

The receiver side has a port for RCA cable and digital output, but it needs to be powered independently using AC outlet in order it to work. Since it’s using RCA and digital output, almost all audio devices could be the device to tune your songs from your PC without an external dock for a portable music player. playGo USB let you play all music from your PC and Mac wirelessly on your external audio devices.

The wireless range is about 75 feet at max, or you’ll start hearing weird sounds.

If you want more information, you can go to PlayGo.US.

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