APEN A3 Digital Pen To Record All Of Your Strokes And Digitize Them

Here is another alternative if you think you won’t pay $199 for the similar technology. Well, we have seen how great the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen is. It can record your motion, scribes, scratches and strokes accurately as well as voices as you are learning from your tutor. However, if you are looking for a similar pen without the audio recording capability and it’s way cheaper, then APEN A3 Digital Pen will be your best bet.


So what’s APEN A3 digital pen has got for you? similar like Livescribe pen, APEN A3 digital pen is also a hand gadget that could be use just like a normal pen, but it has a special sensor to detect and record every bit of your movement and turn it into a digital version where you can view it later in your computer. All of the activity with be recorded into the built-in memory.

Even bettery, APEN A3 allow users to send the recorded pages into your smartphone via Bluetooth. There isa app that instantly retrieve the files and it can also do social sharing to facebook or twitter. APEN A3 digital pen is only $129.99, which is practically $70 cheaper than Livescribe.

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