N.A.P. – Cushion On The Bed, Or Whatever You Want To Call It

I though my bed is quite comfy already. With pillow I can tile it and rest my back while reading my favorite ebook through my ebook reader. However, if you think that is too casual and ordinary, you can try something that is pretty extra-“ordinary” with this N.A.P. Massaging Bed Rest.


Like the name suggested, N.A.P. is a massage chair in form of a bed rest or bed pillow. It’s properly cushioned like a mini sofa, a leg-less sofa to be exact, and can be place on any bed. The massaging method is using vibration, but sadly there are only two speed to use only (high or low).

Other than massaging, N.A.P. massage bed rest is coming with various kind of tools, like the reading LED light that could be bent to any position, side pocket for storing big magazine to small sunglasses, and a built-in cup holder.

As far as the two extra features, I’m okay with them because they are helpful. However, I’m having quite a worry there about its built-in cup holder. You know, bed is shaky, so I don’t think this bed rest could stay firm when you are moving around. Unless the cup has a tight cap or tightly shut, I’ll never use this feature anyway. Or perhaps, I will fill it with candies instead.

N.A.P. massaging bed rest is available for $99.95 at Amazon. Mixed opinions found in the review section, so buy it at your own risk.

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  • Skyelarke5

    mmmm not sure a lighted candle would be a good idea … lol … but if Ewe use a travel Mug that has a closable lid that would be ok I would think re safety of a coffee cup

  • LOL. You don’t really have to use a candle for reading. It has LED light AFAIK, but I like your idea of using a mug with closable lid. :)

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