PowerLine Cable For iPad and iPhone – It’s 9 Feet Long!

Have you ever want to use your iPhone or iPad while it’s still charging? Well you can use it anyway, but the problem is that you are not able to move far enough and you are end up near the power outlet because the cable is not long enough. Unless you have a special lengthy power strip ready to use, you are going to stay there all the time playing with your iPhone or iPad until it’s been fully charged.

The most practical way is the find a long charging cable instead of using the default one. Thinkgeek has this item, and it’s currently on sale for $15.99 only.


This cable is called PowerLine Cable for iPad and iPhone, and it’s nine feet long!


For those times when your iPhone or iPad is dying and you still need to use it, whip out the Powerline 9 Foot Cable. That’s right, you can plug your iPhone in on one side of your King bed, run the cable under the bed and up the other side to your nightstand. You can plug your iPad in at one end of the conference room and sit on the other. Use it for charging or syncing your iPad, iPhone, iPod, or iPod Touch. There’s even a handy dandy storage pouch for you to carry your Powerline in when you’re traveling.

Go get one at Thinkgeek if you are interested. It’s only $15.95 and you don’t have to squat down near the power outlet when you want to play with your iPhone or iPad.

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