New Scoop Pointer In-Air Mouse With 6-Axis Motion Control

This Scoop Pointer In-Air Mouse is the second generation of in-air mouse from Hillcrest Labs. If you remember, their first one is the loop pointer in-air mouse that looks like a big ring. I can definitely see a great improvement on their second generation as it’s more compact, like a TV remote, and nice for any hand size.


Scoop pointer In-Air mouse is featuring 6-axis motion control, with 3-axis digital gyroscope, 3 -axis digital accelerometer and optional 3-axis magnetometer to provide a better gesture performance and calibrated motion data across variety of applications.

Scoop pointer will be a replacement to the existing loop pointer in-air mouse as this second generation in-air mouse is much smaller, lighter, has new chipsets, and lower costs of production. It also mean that consumer will spend less to get one of this Scoop pointer in-air mouse.

Sadly, there is no pricing mention yet in the press release as this OEM product is going straight to other companies who need a complete off-the-self device for their market. Guess you’ll have to wait until it’s been branded before you can get it in the market.

[via Press Release]

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