Sony Releases MDR-DS7500 Wireless 7.1 Channel Headphones

Sony is releasing their second 7.1 channel headphone with complete digital surround sound support. Their first one should be the PS3 headset which is also coming with the support of 7.1 channel audio capability.


Other than the 7.1-channel support, Sony MDR-DS7500 headphones is also coming with Dolby ProLogic II z decoder support, and it’s a wireless headphones with built-in battery that could last about 18-hours per full charge. It has a dedicated receiver that looks like a Blu-ray player.

The receiver has three HDMI IN ports, one HDMI out port, one optical stereo port, as well as RCA audio in port for any older electric that uses them.

Thanks to the output and input port on the HDMI, you can definitely pair it up with any compatible devices like DVD player, Blu-ray player, Satellite tuner, cable TV tuner, as well as the HD gaming console like Xbox 360 or PS3.

Sony MDR-DS7500 is going to hit the Japan in this October for 50,000 Yen, which is about $650 in USD. Definitely a high end headphones that is suitable for professionals.

[via Sony]

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