Wacom Inkling Pen To Rival LiveScribe Pen

We have seen quite a lot of pen that could transform our sketches or handwriting into a digital version. The example is the LiveScribe pen and the APEN A3. Today, Wacom Digital has also coming up with their own version fo digital pen called Inkling that is also going to transform any sketches or drawing into a digital version, plus it also capable of detecting pressure on the strokes!


Wacom is well-known of their drawing pad and they are very popular amongst digital artists. It’s the first time for them to step onto the digital pen market, but I’m sure they are the best especially in gadget for drawing.


Their Inkling pen is coming with both hardware and software for your computer system. On the hardware side, Wacom Inkling pen is coming with one pressure sensitive pen, one wireless receiver, one data cable, and four refill inks in one compact box.

The ballpoint pen itself is using Wacom’s pressure sensing technology to detect the amount of pressure put on the strokes when drawing. There is a 1024 levels of sensitivity could be detected, and all of them will be detected and converted into a digital version. That means artist don’t have to scan their work again especially if they are fans of sketching on a real paper instead on drawing pad.


The wireless receiver itself is coming with a nice clip where you can clip on to the drawing book like the picture above. This wireless receiver must clearly see the pen tip and it’s advisable not to put anything between them in order for the Inkling system to detect properly.

When you’ve done the sketching, you can easily collect the result by connecting the wireless receiver to your PC via the including USB cable.

That’s where the Software taking the part. The software “Inkling Sketch Manager” will allow you to edit, delete, add layers, transform the curves or anything else to fine tune the sketch. Also it can export the sketches into a friendly format so you can do more advanced editing using software like Adobe Illustrator.

Here is the demo video of Wacom Digital Inkling Pen.

Wacom Inkling Pen is going to be available in Mid-September for $199.

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