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CueLight Interactive Projection Technology For Pool Table

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Playing snooker will never be the same with CueLight Interactive Projection table. If you’ve been watching anime or reading comic books that has all though beautiful effects on each of their shot, now you can have it too by using CueLight Interactive Projection technology.


This is the Obscura Cuelight Pool Table that make uses of the interactive projection technology. The table has an interactive HD video projector mounted above the snooker table. To track the balls movements, there is a special video camera that will capture the movement, send into the system and translated them into a real-time 60 fps animations shown on the pool table.

What’s cool is not the table, is the projector and video camera, as well as the CueLight System. By judging from this type of implementation, I believe any games that require a table could be having a special effects as well.

You can watch the following video for more details about how the effect is working on the balls. I’m kind of attracted to the fluid/ripple effects because it’s pretty dreamy.

Sadly, there is no information of the availability yet so far. Let’s hope it would be just another concept that would never hit the consumer market.

[via The Cool Gadgets]
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