Sony MDR-NC200D and MDR-MC100D Noise Cancelling Headphones

Aside from their MDR-DS7500 7.1-channel surround headphones, Sony also introduced two noise cancelling headphones known as MDR-NC200D and MDR-MC100D.


Sony MDR-NC200D is the one pictured above, an over-ear noise cancelling headphone, while the MDR-MC100D is an in-ear noise cancelling headphones like the following pictures:


Both of these headphones are capable of reducing external noises for up to 98.2%, which is almost perfect in sealing our ear from outer distraction.

They are also coming with an Artificial Intelligence Mode that could scan the ambient noises and adjust the best mode for the earphone to cancel the noises. Which mean the noise cancelling feature is kind of dynamic in sealing the noises.

Also, Sony has added the S-Master audio amplifiers into the headphones to enhance the sound quality. Sony is going to release both of these headphones in this October 10th, 2011 for 25,000 Yen ($326.52) for MDR-NC200D and 19,000 Yen ($248.16) for MDR-NC100D.

[via Winarco][Akihabara]

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