Sony Tablet S Previewed

Sony Tablet S, previously known as the Sony S1 is now getting more details from Sony just before the IFA Show in Berlin. Surprisingly, the tablet is pretty chubby in dimension. It’s no where as thin as Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or iPad 2, but it’s as light as iPad 2.


The specification is rather common if I have to say. For example, it has got a Tegra 2 SoC that many tablets have used this, front and rear camera for video chatting, 1GB RAM and support Adobe Flash 10.2 in web browser (because it’s an Android OS).

However, it did come with a nice 9.4-inch multitouch capacitive TruBlack display that support 1280 x 800 resolution, can be used as an IR remote control for entertainment devices in your home, has external memory support in form of SD card slot and it has come with PlayStation Certification that enables users to play some of the exclusive ports of PSone and PSP games with this tablet!

You can find more detailed preview in UberGizmo.

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