Half an Hour Clock Design

Half an Hour Clock design is an unique clock concept that has a half body of the ordinary clock instead of full. The clock is still functional like always, but once the hands are crossing the half body, they will be exposed to the outside of the clock on the other half as if they are thrusting out of the clock’s wall.


Half an Hour

This is a wall clock which uses element of surprise. It has an intact body with all the side walls, except it’s shape is a half circle. Although the arms look like they will be trapped, they pass through to the outside and still function.

Half an Hour clock design is found on UfukKeskin. I’m quite a fans of unique wall clock design as I’ve collected some of them. So if this Half an Hour ever hit the store, I’m find way to get one even if I’m at the other part of the world.

Anyway, if UfukKeskin is also the designer of the Sheetseat chair if you remember. His designs are unique and I’m sure it would make into the production in the future.

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