Extending Apple Magic TrackPad With Magic Numpad

For those who want to add more functionality to their existing Apple Magic TrackPad, Mobee’s Magic Numpad will be the one you’ve been searching for.


Mobee’s Magic Numpad is a two parts system that add more function to Magic Trackpad, where you will get the thin films that is required to be stick on the magic trackpad, and a software that will enhance the default functions of the device.

The thin films is built on an exclusive 3-layer film with ultra-soft antiglare on the upper layer, high-quality printing in the middle layer and bubble-proof re-usable material for the bottom layer.


The Mobee Magic Numpad is coming with three films consist of NUM10, NUM20 and NUM30 with different type of keys available (including customizable keys on the NUM30 version). All you have to do is to set the film on the Magic Trackpad and adjust the Magic Numpad Software accordingly and you are good to go.


This Magic Numpad is currently available for $29.99 via Mobee official website.

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