Paint Brush As Your Coat Hooks, Or Anything That You Want To Hook On

Dominic Wilcox has presented an interesting idea to the “Object Abuse” exhibition where the challenge was to take any casual objects and remake them to create an entirely new item by using as little as additional materials as possible.


He called it the “Paint Brush Coat Hooks”, as he has re-purposed a real paint brush into a coat hook by hardening the brush tip. This is certainly a great idea as we often found our brush got hardened if we forgot the wash te paint out of the brush completely.

By using this idea, Dominic Wilcox has turn it into a nice and unique looking coat hooks (or anything you want to hook on like shirt, jeans, or even other things like big canvas or else).

He admitted that he has gone through a bit of trials and errors before he made up this coat hooks. Anyway, you can take a look more description and photos at this sketchbook website.

[via Dominic Wilcox]

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