Super Mario Mushroom Salt And Pepper Shakers Gives Power Up To Your Foods

Mario’s favorite foods in his game are the mushroom. No idea if Mario really eat them or just use them, but they do power up Mario and make it more powerful to crash the levels. In reality, such things are not available. However, if you look into your kitchen, there is two powerful ‘ingredient’ that will somehow “power-up” most of your food and make it tasty. Well, yes, that’s the salt and pepper that I’m talking about.


By twisting the two facts above, Strapya World has come up with another piece of interesting gadget for the mass. Introducing the Super Mario Salt-and-Pepper shakers which has taken the shape of the red-mushroom and green mushroom.

Well, it’s not likely the salt with give you more power or gaining 1-UP for your life (you are not a cat, so you don’t need multiple life). However, adding enough salt and pepper to your food will really enhance the taste.


This Mario Themed Salt and Pepper Shakers are made of plastic and TPE for durability, and it’s only measuring at 5.5cm in diameter.

If you are interested to get one of this shakers, they are available directly via Strapya World for $9 USD each. cheapo stuff.

[via GadgetsIn]

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