Emergency Flashlight By Junwon Yang

Everyone that love challenges and adventures knows how important a flashlight is, especially when exploring the unknown cave or forest. Flashlight is critical because it can provide us with a great view of what’s up ahead, and some of them even can be used as a fighting tool.


However, that’s not what Junwon Yang has with his design of Emergency Flashlight. His design is actually for those who found themselves inside a troublesome situation where the group of people haven’t properly armed with adequate flashlight.

This Emergency flashlight design has double illumination, means not only the scout can see clearly upfront, the flashlight also light up the ground so that everyone following the guide could see the road clearly.


There is a slanted lamps at the other end of the flashlight, pointing 45-degree to the ground. I see a great idea here, but still wish that people would properly armed themselves with emergency tools before entering any dangerous spot.

[via YankoDesign]

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