Zing Lunch Launching Catapult Spoon

Interesting kitchen spoon for playing with your food. Zing Lunch Launching Catapult spoon is a spoon with its handle made with flexible spring with good elasticity. I know playing with the food blessed upon us is not polite, but sometimes it would be pretty fun anyway.


Everyone knows you shouldn’t play with your food. But hey – sometimes you have to defend your dinner! Now there’s a new
weapon in your homeland security arsenal – load up a particularly
mushy pea or corn niblet, aim, pull back the spring-loaded handle,
and watch your food take flight. Zing! It’s WAY more fun than a war
of words. Available in Red or Assorted (Red, Purple, Green),
packaged in clear, recyclable, peggable display boxes.

Design: Charlotte Deinez for PA Design

Sadly, there is no sign that WorldwideFred has this item for sale. It would be cool if they have the fork version as well.

[via Fred&Friends]

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