Noobs, Get This ThumbSaver If You Want To Nail Something

Yes, I’m calling myself as well because I’m a noob when talking about nailing something. To be frankly, I’m *really* suck at nailing. I don’t know why, the hammer is just so in love with my thumb whenever I want to hit the nail head. lack of practice? Perhaps. But I wouldn’t want to use the manual way again as I’ve got a nail gun right now.

However, if you are still a newbie that wouldn’t want to buy a nail gun and you are forced to do the handwork, This ThumbSaver will be big LifeSaver.


ThumbSaver is a magnetic nail setter, a durable hand tool that will become your fingers substitution to hold the nail. It has a powerful magnet that will hold to any nails, screws or bolts while keeping your thumbs and index fingers away from the dangerous zone.



For just $13, I’m really suggesting any newbies to get one so they won’t have to sacrifice their precious thumbs.

Want to get one? It’s currently available at Amazon.

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