Tokyoflash Plasma Activated Watch Concept Design

Yet another cool looking concept design for Tokyoflash watch. They’ve been well known of their weird and alien-tech watch designs, despite of the difficulty of reading the time. Really, I’m not sure why people want to have a watch that is hard to read. Is it being stylish really matter much? Well, I’m not in this group. I would rather have something simple so I don’t have to make life difficult.

However, not all Tokyoflash watch designs are complicated. For example, their Kisai 3D Unlimited is easy to read, and the latest Tokyoflash Plasma Activated watch concept is also one of the many concept that require no special math skill to count the time.


Tokyoflash Plasma Activated Watch concept is quite simple because it comes with an analog watch design with red hemisphere indicating the hour, and blue hemisphere showing the minutes. As far as the alien-tech in this watch, the surface of the clock is actually sensitive to touch. Once you’ve touched it, Plasma Activated watch will sparks and shoot a laser-like ray to your finger from the two hemisphere.


[via Tokyoflash]

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