Toshiba FlashAir SDHC Memory Card With Built-in Wireless LAN

toshiba-flashair-sdhc-memory-card-with-wireless-lanBeside getting an Eye-Fi card for bridging the camera with our electronic device (laptop, tablet or cell phone) wirelessly, you can also get this FlashAir SDHC card from Toshiba.

Similar with Eye-Fi card, Toshiba FlashAir is supporting peer-to-peer transfers and uploads to any servers when there is a wireless connectivity nearby. You can snap your photos using you digital camera, and transfer it directly to your laptop, smartphones, tablets or other device that support Wireless LAN connection.

Toshiba FlashAir SDHC card with built-in wireless LAN is going to hit the store in this February 2012 for about $85 a pop. The biggest drawback is that the SDHC card won’t work right away on any digital camera. It’s only compatible with handful of camera that come with the native support of FlashAir. Which mean, you won’t be able to use the wireless transfer functionality with the camera you have right now.

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