Hokke Mackerel Split Fish Pencil Case Smells Fishy

Love grilled mackerel as your meal? Ah, that’s mean you’ll going to love this pencil case too. A crazy (but brilliant and smart!) Japanese designer has come up with an unique pencil case that look just like a mackerel fish when completely zipped. However, once you’ve unzipped this pencil case, you get a grilled fish split down in the middle!


When opened up your friends will probably think you have just prepared lunch when in fact you are just taking out your pen! Fully and realistically decorated on both the outside and inside, this kind of product could only ever be created in a place like Japan!

Uh-huh. I believe it can fool someone to think that you are having a quick lunch in your desk if they don’t come closer and observe it carefully. The picture and texture are just too realistic!


It looks very interesting to pull a prank to your friends, but sadly you’ve got to invest $75 on this fake fish pencil case. Kind of expensive for my pocket, but you might want to get one if you have the spare money.


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