Samsung MultiView MV800 Digital Camera

Taking a photo with Samsung MultiView MV800 is going to be an interesting experience as you won’t be limited by the LCD display. In a common digital camera, it’s difficult to self-portrait as we don’t have a clue whether the position is correct, or the face is smiling or the eyes are blinking. That why last year Samsung rolled out their ST225 and ST220 dual LCD digital camera to solve this problem. However, since the secondary LCD display is small, it may become a problem for some users.


The latest Samsung MultiView MV800 has a rotatable/adjustable main LCD screen where you can flip it around as much as 180-degree, from behind to the front view where you can view everything clearly. Also, taking images with this MultiView MV800 can be done from any Angle of your choice. It’s pretty similar with the concept we have posted here called “Zero Angle Digital Camera“.

Watch the following video demo for more details:

The screen is 3-inch large, so you don’t really have to focus too much when doing self-portrait compared to the mini sized secondary LCD display. The MV800 digital camera has come with 16.1-megapixels resolution lens sensor, 5x optical zoom, can record 720p movie, has dual mode image stabilization, can output the result to HDTV via HDMI output and there is a microSD/SDHC card slot, too! Supposedly it could handle up to 32GB, however, we found that the spec list in Samsung website has listed 2GB only. It doesn’t make sense as most digital camera can support up to 32GB of microSD card. However, if it’s true, it may become the biggest drawback for this camera.


Price wise, Samsung MultiView MV800 Digital camera is going to cost $280 a pop. Sadly, no info yet when it will be shipped.


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