Android Projector? That’s The Tursion TS-102 Pico Projector

Android OS is not limited to smartphone and tablet, anyway. We have seen that the OS has been used on a Set top box, media player and many more. Now, even a projector is coming out with the support of Google Android 2.1 OS!


Yep, that is the new Pico Projector called Tursion TS-102. This pico projector is featuring Android OS, 3M’s LCoS MM200 projector, has 20 LUMENS brightness and coming with built-in WiFi connectivity.

It might sounds cool, but actually 20 LUMENS of brightness is kind of low. Even the specs list stated that it can give you above 100-inch of display, the result should be pretty blurry at that level. The best size is around 30 to 40-inch where you will get the best brightness out of the projector.

As for the storage, Tursion TS-102 pico projector has 8GB built-in. If you think it’s not enough you can expand it by using microSD card. No pricing and release date for this pico projector yet.

[via Engadget]

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