Plastic Logic 100 Shatterproof eReader For Students

It’s always a pain looking at the elementary school in my country. They are forced to bring a LOT of books everyday for their study, and those books are heavy. Sometimes their bags are about twice larger than their body. It looks like they are the slaves of the education. Why wouldn’t the school think of something to ease their burden? Especially for kids that is on the growing state. It’s bad for their body to lift or carry something heavy.

Luckily, I guess this type of painful scenery would be over soon. It’s all thanks to the development of ebook reader technology. Near in the future, children’s burden on carrying heavy books could be lifted and switched to a light and easy to carry ebook reader like this Plastic Logic 100.


Plastic Logic recently unveiled this ebook reader which has been exclusively designed for students and schools. This ebook reader can store the entire year’s worth of textbooks in one, which kind of removing the big stone which students in the developing countries are carrying. Although there is no indication that the ebook reader is made for those in developing countries, I can see that we are going into that direction.

This Plastic Logic 100 ebook reader is 475 grams only, coming with large 10.7-inch shatterproof display, and it’s coming with 4GB of storage space.

The system running on this ebook reader is using Windows CE with modified UI. the battery could last about 1 week per charge, which is not too shabby. Of course, you can’t compare it with Amazon Kindle that has battery life more than 2 weeks. Since it’s for schools and students, it should be enough at that state.

Plastic Logic 100 ebook reader is going to be available later in this Septebmer for $396 wtih more than 40 ebooks has been pre-loaded into the ebook reader.

Obviously, the price range looks pretty expensive. If it’s $199 or something near, even student in developing can have a relax education experience.

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