Toshiba Voice Controlled Air Conditioner To Hit The Market Soon

Very soon, we can use our voice to turn on the air conditioner to make the room temperature comfortable. Yes, it’s all thanks to the innovation brought to us by Toshiba. Recently, Toshiba has released dozen of new air conditioners in Japanese market, and all of them have been equipped with a voice controller.


The voice controller is said to be able to recognize up to 26 words, but no details what kind of language it would support. But what’s surprising is how much this Air-conditioner will consume.

Since the tsunami in Japan that ruined the nuclear power plant, electricity has been restricted to a certain degree so a power-hungry devices are not the demanded anymore. Toshiba know this, so their new Air-conditioners have been equipped with a new kind of compressor and suction system. This system successfully reduced the power consumption and their new air-conditioners are only consuming about 45W when operating.

Sadly, Toshiba haven’t listed the full specs and price range for these voice controlled air-conditioners yet.

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