3M CP45 Camcorder With Built-in Pico Projector

3M has a new camcorder rolled out from their sleeve and it’s one of the camcorder with a pico projector built-in. This camcorder is called CP45, it has 5-megapixel lens sensor that could record 720p HD video, has 2GB internal memory, expandable via microSD card slot to 32GB, has 2.4-inhc LCD display to show you the result, and you can use it to snap high quality images too!


Talking about the pico projector, it has a little bit higher than average brightness at 20 ANSI LUMENS, which should work fairly well on a dim room. The screen size produced by the pico projector is ranging from 10-inch to 65-inch, though I doubt the result would be good on the largest size. The battery could last for 100 minutes on projector mode, which I think is not too bad at all.


You can find more information at Amazon if you wish to know more. Also, you can get it for just $299. Consider it as a combo of camcorder and pico projector, the price is really worth it and you are actually saving a lot then buying them separately.

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