GiiNii Audio Bulb Lamp With Built-in Wireless Speaker

GiiNii International has introduced us to their latest wireless speaker lamp called GiiNii Audio Bulb. You may have seen this type of lamp speaker before. The example is the audio light bulb from Hammacher, and the Sound of Light. They are all alike as they serves as both lighting equipment and audio equipment. GiiNii Audio Bulb is coming with a special dock station with remote control, where the dock is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone or other audio gadgets through the aux-in port.


GiiNii Audio Bulb is using energy efficient LED light that will consume only 5W of power while capable of outputting 60W of equivalent incandescent bulb brightness.

The packet of GiiNii Audio Bulb lamp speaker is containing 2 LED Bulbs, one dock station, a remote control, aux-in cable and a power cord.

This GiiNii Audio Bulb Lamp Speaker is going to cost you $299.99 a pop. Expect to see it become available around October 2011. You can pre-order it now at Amazon.


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