Angry Birds Costumes – Perfect Halloween Gifts For Friends

Almost there, almost there! Halloween is just about to hit the town (it’s one month and a half away!). Have you prepare your freaky costumes for your halloween dressing? Aw, what? You don’t like creepy dressing? If that’s the case, why don’t you check this one out?


It’s the Angry Birds costumes! Who said that Halloween should be dressed with all the creepiness? Nah, I do think it’s better to have something cute and fun to celebrate this special day. Angry Birds costumes are especially great for fans who’ve been collecting all of the Angry Birds stuffs that they stumbled upon. Even if you are not the fans, you can still get it as a gift for your friends!

There is a whole set of Angry Birds costumes to choose at Costumediscounters. I saw that there is the Red Bird, Green Pig, King Pig, Black Bird, and Yellow Bird in the inventory. There is a headpiece as well, or even infant costumes.


The price range of these Angry Birds Costumes are spreading from $27.97 to $48. Some are available now, but there are also models that you have to pre-order.

You can check out for more details at CostumeDiscounters.

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