Orbotix Sphero Robotic Ball Is High Tech and Fun

Sphero is the thing we have missed in the last CES 2011 expo. We’ve heard how fun this little ‘guy’ is and it can do many tasks that other RC toys can’t afford to do. Sphero is a product by Orbotix, it is a small baseball like robot that you could control its movement like a R/C toys. Also, it has a customizable LED light inside the Sphero that could literally glow out thousands of unique colors as it moves around.


Let’s check on the video below for the demo of the last prototype of Orbotic Sphero Robotic Ball:

Sphero robotic ball is coming with its own induction charging base where you will require no cable plugged onto the ball to rejuice the machine. Also, it has come with a special App for iPhone (iOS devices) and Android to turn your smartphone into the controller.

Sadly, we don’t have the clue how many hours it could last for each full charge on the robot.


One of the best feature of Sphero is the Boost Mode. Boost mode could give the Sphero a little bit “boost” in form of jumping to avoid obstacles, instant sprinting to get lost from the enemy (e.g. pets) or even more variation of tasks.

You can expect to get this Sphero Robotic Ball around this Christmas holiday in the U.S. market for US$129.99. The company has put the pre-order page to live at GoSphero.

[via GoSphero][The Cool Gadgets]

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