Marc Ecko Zip Buds Is an Earphones With Zipper

A clever designer Marc Ecko from New Jersey has come up with a nice earbuds that you can zip it up like a zipper to prevent messy cable. It Looks pretty cool and stylish, and at the same time it is useful for the user. Of course, he is not the first guy to stumble on this type of idea. Previously, we have seen one of the concept idea by Yi Woong caled Yi Zip-Up at YankoDesign. It featured interesting inline control panel, but that is all just a concept with no real product manufactured yet.


March Ecko Zip Buds is different because you can actually get it soon when it’s been shipped. The Zip Buds earphones has also featured a built-in microphone and volume control which is friendly for use on Android phones or iOS devices, although it is not as cool as the Yi Zip-Up in term of design.

According to CNET, Zip Buds earphones will be available in various kind of color flavors, including red, gold, blue, white, pink and purple. It seems pretty nice for styling, however, don’t hope to much on the quality of this $29.99 earphones, though.

(image credit: Marc Ecko)

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