Fuse Powerslice Charging Station Charges 4 Devices At Once

Fuse PowerSlice charge station is the new multiple gadget charger that could charge up to 4 devices all at once via a single power line. It features three MicroUSB ports and one USB 2.0 port at the sideway of the PowerSlice charge station.

fuse-powerslice charge station

However, you can choose to get different type of port (they call it the slice) to use on this Fuse PowerSlice charge station. There is a MHL connector, Apple Universal connector, Mini USB connector, Samsung 20-pin, and LG’s connector.

For geeks who possessed a lot of gadgets are often those who would love a charge station that could charge multiple gadgets all at once. Fuse PowerSlice is exactly the thing they are looking for. Imagine you can charge a tablet, smartphone, PMP and bluetooth headset all at once. You wouldn’t have to worry about bringing a lot of travel adapter along with your suitcase because this single Fuse PowerSlice charge station can solve a lot of trouble.

This Fuse PowerSlice Charging Station is currently selling for $49.99 at FusePlusYou. Additionally, you can get the slice for $9.99 separately.

[via Red Ferret]

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