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Choose Your Meal With ‘What’s For Lunch’ Spin Wheel

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Have no idea what you are going to eat for your lunch/supper? It’s really not a great idea to have pizza all the time although they are great and practical. It’s better for you to have a variation of selection that you can randomize them through and pick up one of them when you are truly out of idea on what you are going to have in your lunch or night time meal. To help you out, Baron Bob has a cheap yet effective solution for you. Introducing the What’s For Lunch Spin Wheel – a spin wheel that will decide the fate for your lunch or every meal time. Featuring up to 16 type of tasty food idea, including burger, donuts teriyaki and Thai food that I’d crazy for it. All you have to do is to hang it on the wall, then spin the red needle once and wait for the result. Of course, you can always cheat on this spin wheel. But that’s all on your own risk to end up on the same food day in day out.

you might just be one of those folks who for the life of you can never make up their mind. Torn between so many options, you just can’t pick the one thing you’re really craving. If this is the case, just grab the What’s For Lunch Wheel? and let fate do the picking for you. Who knows what you might end up having today. Could be pizza. Might be candy from the vending machine.

This What’s For Lunch Spin Wheel is available for only $3.95 at BaronBob.

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