Cute Cable Monkey Cable Tie To Tidy Up Your Messy Cables

cable-monkey-cable-tiesThe monkey king at Thinkgeek has an interesting new accessory for tidy up the messy cable. Surprisingly, it’s a mini monkey cable tie. I have no idea that monkey could be reliable for managing and tidy up stuffs as they are ‘messy’ by nature…

As if the monkey love cables so much, this cute cable monkey cable organizer will ‘hug’ onto the group of cable using its mighty (and lengthy!) arms and never let it go.

It’s very simple really. All you gotta do is gather up the cables you want secured together. Place one Cable Monkey Cable Organizer on them, and bend the little monkey’s arms around the cables. The monkey will not only hug your cables and keep them all neat and tidy, but will also show visitors to your office (or home) that you feel the best way to work out problems is through hugging.


This Rubber Monkey Cable Tie is available for $5.99 at Thinkgeek. Guess what, you would only get one of the monkey to tie your cable for $5.99. It might be quite an expensive investment if you want to buy a whole pack of them…

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