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If you love ebook reader more than a tablet device, you can escape from the ‘harsh’ market and get back into the ebook reader market. It doesn’t mean that with the super rapid growing of tablets in the market, ebook reader will lose its function. Sony is one of them in the market that is still understand this fact. Even they’ve already got their amazing Tablet S launched, they are still working in perfecting their ebook reader.


Recently, Sony has released yet another ebook reader called Reader Wi-Fi (model PRS-T1WC) and they’ve put the pre-order page live at Sony Store. This ebook reader is not only lightweight (6 ounces only), it also featuring battery life of up to 14,000 page turns. Depending on how long you take in reading one page, for light reader might takes up months of time on each recharge.

Battery life is certainly the biggest plus point for ebook reader. I haven’t seen any tablet that could be use for weeks without recharging. This Sony PRS-T1WC is considered as the world’s lightest ebook reader with 6-inch touchscreen e-ink display. It features E-Ink Peral V220 glare-free display that you can even read it clearly under the sun.


The biggest support that come with this Sony Reader WiFi is the WiFi connectivity. You are allow to access to 2 million titles at the Reader Store, borrow free books from local public library, or even download from Google public domain books. Plus, you can also access to Wikipedia or Google search through the built-in browser.

Sony Reader WiFi eBook reader is coming with a free 2GB microSD card that could hold up to 1200 PDF files. If that is not enough, this Sony Reader WiFi ebook reader support up to 32GB of microSD card. Just do the math if you want to know how many ebooks it can hold. 😉

One more excellent feature of Sony Reader WiFi is the touchscreen interface. Unlike Kindle, you can interact with the 6-inch display either using your fingers or the supplied stylus. Flipping page is as easy as sweeping your on the screen. You can even zoom in and out by pinching your fingers like you would do on your touchscreen smartphone or tablet!

The best of all, this Sony Reader WiFi PRS-T1WC ebook reader is available for just $149.99 in three colors, including black (PRS-T1BC), white (PRS-T1WC) and Red (PRS-T1RC). Pre-order it now at Sony Store.

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