Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

I believe not everyone have the knowledge on all of the difficult vocabularies in English, so often, we would found ourselves stumbled upon a word or two that we don’t have the clue what’s it is all about. When this happen, if you are lucky and keen, you’ll grab your dictionary and search for the meaning? What about those who doesn’t possess a dictionary? That’s where this Portable electronic dictionary bookmark come to the rescue.


This electronic dictionary bookmark is, well… a smart ‘bookmark’ that can tell you meaning of difficult vocab. It’s a bookmark because it’s so thin in some part of its body where you can slip it on your English book/novel so you can come back later to continue your reading. When you can’t understand some words, all you have to do is to type the vocab and hit OK button to find the meaning. So practical!


Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

This tiny bookmark has been crammed full of 38,000 definitions from the Collins Gem English Dictionary 15th edition so you will never be lost for words again. Plus, it’s really easy to use. When you come across a word you don’t know, simply press the power button to begin, type in your word on the keypad and press OK to find out what it means.

Easy to use, Compact design, Available in 3 colours.


This Electronic Dictionary Bookmark is yours for £19.95 ($32).

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