GAMETECH Double USB Charger Charges PSP and 3DS Simultaneously

Game Tech Inc. from Japan has released a new video game peripheral called Double USB charger. It’s a gadget made exclusively for PSP and 3DS, but it could be used on iPhone, or other portable USB gadget as well.


This GAMETECH Double USB charger could either provides additional battery life to consoles (PSP, 3DS) or it could be used to recharge most portable USB gadgets like smartphones, mini tablets, PMPs or MP3 players.

The double USB charger is featuring replaceable battery instead of one that is built-in and irreplaceable. It uses 4 pieces of AA batteries to recharge your portable gadgets and it’s compatible with Hydride rechargeable nickel or alkaline batteries.

As the recommendation, Sanyo Eneloop battery is the best choice in term of their durability and how many times you can recharge the battery once they’ve depleted.

GAMETECH Double USB charger has come bundled with two USB cable for PSP and 3DS, but since the charging port are USB 2.0, you can use any existing cable to charge your gadgets.

This double USB charger is available in two colors of black and white for 1580 Yen (about $21). It’s expected to be available on September 29th in Japan. Let’s hope GeekStuff4U will import it for the US market.

However, if you can’t wait for it, there is always an alternative for it. You can get a better portable battery charger with higher battery capacity for another $21 top up. You can check out this New Trent i-Dual Port Pack at Amazon that is also capable of charging two gadgets simultaneously.

[via Ohgizmo]

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