JBL On Tour iBT Bluetooth Speaker Is Like An UFO

There have been a lot of UFO sighting recently and the trend is raising up as we move closer to 2012 – the predicted doomsday. Well, I don’t believe in such thing bluntly, but I do have a high interest on Unidentified Flying Objects as I’ve watched all of the Ancient Aliens seasons. However, I’m not sure if JBL is inspired by UFO or not, their latest Bluetooth speaker design is actually UFO shaped!


This is the JBL On Tour iBT Bluetooth speaker. It’s black, have 4 speakers exposed at the top side which said to be able to delivers “richly detailed, 360-degree sound”. It have four Odyssey full-range neodymium transducers and computer optimized DSP technology to support the full circle sound system.

What’s cool is that you can use this JBL On Tour iBT on your iPhone or Android Phone because not only it can produce sound, it also has a built-in microphone to let you use it as a speakerphone. It’s also compatible with iPad or other tablet device as it has come with a special table top stand.

This JBL On Tour iBT Bluetooth speaker is running with 4 pieces of AA batteries, but if you prefer to shave your expenses on battery, you can always plug it into the power outlet using its own AC adapter.

If you are interested in UFO shaped speaker phone, JBL On Tour iBT speaker is available at SEAR for $199.99.

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