LaCie LaPlug: Make Any USB Storage Into A NAS

Remember the PogoPlug CloudEngine that could turn any external USB drives into a network attached storage? Now you’ve got more choice because LaCie, the popular storage maker Portland and Paris has launched their LaPlug low cost NAS converter to turn any of your flash drive or portable hard drive into a NAS!


Designed by the same guy (Neil Poulton) who’ve been working with LaCie for a long time, this LaCie LaPlug also coming with the same glossy black box design with blue illumination. Through the outer look, you can find one USB 2.0 port at the front view, and a bunch of ports (three USB 2.0 ports and one Gigabit Ethernet LAN port) with ON/OFF power button at the rear side.


The file on the connected devices (flash drive, HDD, etc.) could be accessed wirelessly in your home as long as your devices (laptop, desktop, smartphones or home entertainment system) has UPnP or DLNA certified.


LaCie LaPlug also TimeMachine compatible. Means it can backup the entire data in the network in to a central location connected to the LaPlug. You don’t have to hook your PC up with the LaPlug as it has a WIFI connection for the wireless convenient!


On the price matter, LaCie LaPlug has been priced for $74.99. If you are interested, more details on this NAS converter is available at LaCie Official website.

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