Wacom Released Three New Bamboo Tablets

Wacom has revealed three new Bamboo tablet for the hobbyists, enthusiasts and noob artists. No, don’t afraid of the word “tablet” when you are hearing it from Wacom. It is not yet another tablet PC released into the fierce battlefield. It’s a drawing tablet for designer or hobbyist who love to pour their arts and skills into a digital version instead of on a sketchbook.

The three Wacom Bamboo tablets are known as: Bamboo Connect, Bamboo Capture and Bamboo Create.


The Wacom Bamboo Connect is the cheapest of all. this drawing tablet is considered as the entry-level tablet that cost at $80 only. It’s very good for budget-limited hobbyist or even for enthusiasts to do their business illustration. Wacom Bamboo Connect features 5.8-inch x 3.6-inch work area with 1024 levels of pressure detection using the special wacom signature pens with programmable side-buttons.

This entry level version is coming with USB connectivity (wired), can work with Autodesk’s Sketchbook Express or any other illustration software.


The next one is Wacom Bamboo Capture. It is the mid-level drawing tablet that cost $100 a pop. It has all of the Bamboo Connect feature. But users will be able to use multi-touch interaction on this tablet. The multi-touch gestures operation can detect up to 16 touch points at the same time.

Also, you can free the drawing tablet from cable intrusion because you can add $39 to get the wireless adapter. It will comes with Adobe Photoshop Elements (full version) in addition to the Sketchbook Express App.


Last one is the high end Wacom Bamboo Create. Beside it has a larger work space of 8.5-inch x 5.4-inch, it has all of the features found on Bamboo Connect and Bamboo Capture. In additional to the pressure-sensitive pen and multitouch workspace, Bamboo Create has a pressure-sensitive eraser at the end of the stylus pen.

Similar to Bamboo Capture, you can make it wireless by adding a wireless adapter that you can purchase separately from the Wacom shop. This version of Bamboo Create gets the complete software, including Sketchbook Express, Photoshop Elements and a Corel Painter Essentials. This version, however, is the most expensive of all. To get Bamboo Create, you have to spend $200, add $39 on the top of it if you want the wireless connectivity. But it’s still pretty cheap when comparing to their Cintiq series.

[via MacWorld]

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