Latest Tablet Comparison – Kindle Fire Is Definitely The Winner In Price

No doubt, When comparing to the most popular tablets in the world, Amazon Kindle Fire is really the best in term of pricing. The following is the recent tablets comparison table made by Reuters to show how the Kindle Fire looks like in front of the big players. The specification is a little bit lower, but the killer price tactic has covered all the weakness and banished all complains that is ever made.


See? Even the specs is lower, I would always happy to see that $199 at the end of the table. It’s $300 cheaper than all of them with just a few of the feature dropped. I wouldn’t really care that my tablet couldn’t take photo as I already own a smartphone and digital camera for this purpose. Also, I don’t think that the storage size of the tablet really matter because Amazon has provide me with and Unlimited cloud storage.

Amazon Kindle Fire is really “sufficient” for core reading activities and since it’s powered by Android OS, I would never feel boring because I have the wealthy apps market to explore.

Give me one of this “Fire” right now, Amazon!

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