SCANDY – Turns Smartphone Into A Portable Scanner

You know, the latest smartphones have all come with a brilliant digital camera lens sensor that could take detailed photo with amazing resolutions. Though many people know this, most of them haven’t got a clue that they can actually turn it into a portable scanner. Recently, designer from Seattle called TEAM SCANDY and submitted a nice product design called SCANDY to to raise fund for their project.


SCANDY will turn any smartphone with quality camera into a instant portable scanner without much hassle and it won’t eat much space when comparing to the conventional scanner. Talking about the shape, SCANDY looks pretty similar with a mini telescope with retractable neck. There is a clip on the base where you can clip it to your desk, and the retractable neck could be used/adjusted to scan different kind of document sizes (from A6 to A4).


Unlike using hands that is shaky when trying to take a photo of a document on a correct distance, SCANDY will ‘seal’ the phone on the top of it, never wobble from its position and you can easily adjust the distance for the best result.

If you are interested to turn your phone into scanner (so you don’t have to buy scanner again!), you can pledge on their project. Depending on the amount of your pledge, you’ll get different type of treatment and other supplementary accessories.


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