Logitech Harmony Link Is Now Available

Logitech is releasing their latest streaming gadget called Harmony Link. This device is will transform supported smartphone or tablet (such as iPad) into a cool remote control with gazillion of feature for your entertainment system. Logitech Harmony is looking like a black flat rounded glossy stone from the top. It has nothing (such as button) to interact with except the ports on the sideways.


This Logitech Harmony Link is capable of replacing up to 8 remote controls in one device, turning your iPad or other smartphone/tablet into an ultimate remote controls. Currently this device is supporting over 5,000+ brands with more added every day. You can even visit www.myharmony.com by connecting the Harmony Link to your home WIFI network and tell Logitech what equipment you are using if it’s not listed. They’ll take care of the technical settings so you can use the harmony link on your device.

The most convenient feature is the app for your iPad or smartphone. I love the idea that my iPad could be the remote control to most of my device. Also, the in-app TV listings is easy to navigate around.

You can watch the following video to see the demonstration from Logitech:

Logitech Harmony Link is currently available for $99.99 at Logitech store. Get one if you are interested to retire most of your remote control that have been nesting your TV rack for a long time.

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