Turbo Fire EVO Wireless Controller For Xbox 360

For XBox 360 player who’ve been looking to a nice controller with customizable buttons, Turbo Fire EVO Wireless Controller will let you have fun with your own customization and enjoy more feature like rapid fire and custom war setting.


This controller is a new unofficial Xbox 360 controller from Datel. Although it’s unofficial, it fully support Xbox 360 system and tweak the controller even further than the default wireless controller. Turbo Fire EVO wireless controller require no dongle to connect with the console, has dual rumber motors, has integrated headset port directly on the controller for Xbox Live chatting, accepts all standard rechargeable battery packs, ha programmable rapid fire functions, and more.


Known as the “Ultimate weapon” for Xbox 360, Turbo Fire EVO Wireless controller also coming with EVOS’s unique built-in combat command LCD display on the controller. It’s 1.7-inch (sadly it’s not a touchscreen), interactable via the controller analog stick and make selection/adjustment with the buttons.

You can set the rapid fire rate, sniper mode, combo moves (record macros), remapping buttons to your liking and much more. You can fine tune all of the setting at any moment during the games to give you the best gaming experience.

Turbo Fire EVO Wireless Controller for XBOX 360 is available right now at CodeJunkies for $54.99. Head on to the store if you are interested. Has fully compatible with CoD: MW3 and Battlefield 3.

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