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Amazon Kindle Fire: Pre-Orders Reaching 100K Units

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Have you pre-order the new Kindle Fire? Well, even the exact delivery date is on November 15th, a month away, it’s been reported that the pre-orders are heating up significantly. According to what’s been reported by digital marketing firm eDataSource, Amazon has successfully generated up to 100,000 pre-orders on their first release. Of course, it’s way behind what’s Apple has achieved with their iPad release (about 300,000 units in the first day), but it’s still quite a milestone for an ebook reader. I thought it would sell a lot better because of the friendly price-tag, but the fact is saying a different result anyway.

Kindle Fire is an Android tablet/ebook reader hybrid, so perhaps people who’ve got themselves a new shiny Android tablet won’t take their chance to pre order this new shiny stuff. Amazon would get a better job if they release it earlier in 2010…

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