Microsoft Xbox 720 Logo Appeared In Real Steel Movie Trailer

We haven’t heard anything yet regarding the next generation of Xbox 360 console since this current version is still alive and kickin’. However, the latest movie trailer – Real Steel has provided us a vivid clue that Microsoft is going to roll out their next gen of game console as Xbox 720. See the following picture for the details:


Apparently, The logo is still the same. It uses the old X logo and wording (font), and the only thing that changed is the number behind the XBOX. However, there is no information released by Microsoft regarding the 720 generation yet. It could be it’s just a mock up to tease people about the futuristic robot battle, which could be realized in when the Xbox 720 released, or it could be just for fun.

If you want to see the logo by yourself in the trailer, watch the following Real Steel Movie Trailer in Good quality (720p or above) so you can look at it vividly. The logo is on the minute 0:46:

[via Gamerinformer]

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