Quirky Ray Charger For Portable Gadgets

Eco-lover who love to travel around the city might love this new solution released by Quirky. This community developed product is called the “Ray”, which is a portable solar charger for any portable gadgets such as smartphones, PMP, MP3 players or mini tablet.


All you need to do is to plug it into your gadget and expose the Quirky Ray to a bright sun light to allow it to harvest the natural energy and convert into usable energy. The default interface is USB, but I guess we can find some kind of adapter to convert it into other type of connector for other gadgets.

Since it has a long cable, users can place their gadget somewhere far from the sun’s heat to avoid overheating. The Quirky Ray has a kickstand that allow you to put it on a flat surface, and it also coming with a suction cup that you can use it on a flat wall/porcelain wall/windows/glass by sticking on them.

This Quirky Ray solar charger is available right now for $39.99 at Quirky Store. Go get one if you are interested.

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