Noah Capsule: An Anti-Disaster Pod?

With us getting closer to the end of the world according to Mayan’s calendar, a lot of researchers in the world are aiming to create a shelter system for individual people so they can at least survive from some disasters and if they are lucky, they can actually live on after the disaster has passed.

Well, we are not sure what kind of future we are facing right now, but we mankind can’t lose hope even it’s for a second. The Japan’s researchers at New Cosmopower has built the so called Noah capsule, which is a floating capsule for saving people from strong earthquake or tsunami. The capsule itself has a strong exterior design using fiberglass material, while the inner space is large enough to fit in four adults.

In case the predicted “the end of the world” on 2012 is just about Earthquake and tsunami, then this Noah Capsule will be useful to avoid the incidents.


According to the researchers, this Noah Capsule is both water resistant and fire resistant, but they didn’t mention what is the limit that the capsule can withstand.

There are air ventilation somewhere, porthole window and the bright yellow dressing is for easy recognition when floating in the water. I’m curious about how four people could fit into the capsule space, and wondering what will happen when landslide is hitting this Noah capsule. Can they breath normally if it’s covered by mud? Can they self-rescue in that situation? If the answer is a big YES, i can say that Noah Capsule will be a hot selling item when it’s been properly developed.

[via The Cool Gadgets]

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