Salt And Pepper Magic Wand Shakers

Here is a fun gadget for your kitchen. If you have kids that love to be a wizard, you can have them do some magic in the kitchen using these salt and pepper magic wand shakers. Have them seasoning the food you’ve cooked and let them taste what they’ve done! We have seen quite a lot of salt and pepper set, but this Magic wand is the best for kids where they can wave around to make their own food tastier.


Sometimes… don’t you just want to wave a magic wand over your meatloaf and turn it from meh to marvelous? Maybe all it needs is a shake of salt and a wave of pepper! Now you can use our Salt + Magic Shakers to sprinkle goodness all over your food like a magician!


Interested? This Salt and Pepper Magic Wand Shakers set is available for $9.99 at Amazon.

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