Skull Stein For Your Halloween Booze Party

Halloween is not complete without creepy skull head decoration. In case you want to make your halloween party creepier, not only the decoration should have the damned skulls, even your drinking glass should be creepy, too.


Firebox has this type of creepy drinking glass if your interested of it. It’s the Skull Stein, which is a solid glass stein with skull design that could hold approximately 500ml of beer or booze.

Pirates. Motorcycle gangs. Creepy voodoo types. There’s loads of people who might want to drink from a glass shaped like a human skull. Especially when it holds just under a pint of your preferred beverage. Enjoy a faintly-ominous beer, a mildly-foreboding cola, or a spine-tingling milk. With this glass your fellow drinkers will be struck with a deliciously vague sense of unease.

Not only does this glass have a face, the handle is also shaped like a series of connected bones. Although where on a human skeleton these are found, we have no idea – until otherwise advised we’ll call them the beta-grippals.

Skull Stein glass is available for £12.99 at Firebox. However, you have to pre-order it now as it’s currently out of stock.

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