GamePad Chopping Board Featuring NES Controller Design

Lady Geek or gamer might love to have this type of cutting board for their kitchen. It’s obviously that as a lady, handling kitchen job is the something important especially if they want to be a good wife who know how to take care of their husband and kids. But their is nothing wrong, too if they love to play games. As a retro lover, I know how this type of gadget is irresistible. Even I’ve got my chopping board (I love cooking, by the way), I will still want to get this charming GamePad Chopping board with NES controller design for collection!


When you’re drooling-goon-addicted to retro videogames (and who isn’t?) the compulsion to gawp at vintage controllers is overpowering. So much so, we’ve teamed up with the design gurus at Joseph Joseph to create the Gamepad Chopping Board adorned with an iconic joypad design from the halcyon days of gaming.

Made from toughened glass with non-slip rubber feet, this funky kitchen essential provides a hygienic, odour and stain-resistant work surface for all types of food preparation (even comedy cartoon mushrooms). And as well as that iconic joypad layout it features a stylish chopped carrot logo and ‘slice’ and ‘dice’ references instead of ‘select’ and ‘start’.

Yes, we realise chopping onions and slicing tomatoes has got little to do with blasting aliens and jumping across platforms dressed as a plumber in order to rescue blocky, badly rendered princesses, but you won’t care about that when you’re reminiscing about your TV-based adventures circa ’89. Chop chop – here comes a barrel-chucking gorilla!

This GamePad Chopping Board is available at FireBox for £14.99 with free delivery. If you are interested, you will be getting a free delivery in the UK address.

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